Melissa Smock – Account Manager

Melissa has been in healthcare for 25yrs. She started as a nurse’s aide while going through school and continued in progressive care/stepdown and went to ICU. Melissa began working in ambulatory surgery centers in 2016 and transitioned to full time ASC in 2019. Started with ORSS, in the field, in 2020 doing local per diem assignments and contracts. She traveled to California in 2022/23 helping with a significant staffing shortage at an area facility. Now she is joining our internal staffing team.

Summary of what you do for ORSS
I ensure all incoming and active employee credentials are up to date and meet industry standards on an ongoing basis.

Favorite quote or fun fact
“Nothing is unfigureoutable, so let’s figure this out together.”

Hobbies/free time activities:-

  • Refinishing furniture.
  • Thrifting
  • Walking
  • Spending time with my family, dogs, and friends.